"This book is an AMAZING hands-on tool for planning and implementing a culture of making in schools. Fleming provides direction, support, and inspiration for educators starting their journey into making!"

(Jacie Maslyk, Assistant Superintendent)

"If we are going to prepare tomorrow’s problem solvers and innovators, we must empower them to design and create today. In this book, best-selling author Laura Fleming has done it again! This hands-on guide moves readers from brainstorming and planning, to selecting resources, and ultimately to the needed concrete steps to designing the makerspaces today’s modern learners need! This dynamic guide will undoubtedly serve as a centerpiece for your authentic learning toolkit."  

(Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools)

"There are makerspaces and then there are GREAT makerspaces. Laura Fleming, a makerspace pioneer, has written another must-read for anyone wanting to create a great makerspace for their school community. Read this book - and learn from one of the best. Anyone involved in the development of makerspaces will treasure this text because it takes readers on an interactive journey through the process of planning and creating a GREAT makerspace.  Look no further than this book."

(Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow Rigor Relevance, Award-Winning Principal, Best-Selling Author)

"In the worlds of makerspaces, nobody speaks with a more credible voice than Laura Fleming. In her highly anticipated second book, Laura lays out a clear blueprint for those who wish to create a makerspace, and she provides countless inspiring examples that beautifully illustrate what a thriving makerspace looks like in action! A must-have!"

(Ross Cooper, Supervisor of Instructional Practice K-12)

"Fleming’s book offers a clear, student centered, and step-by-step approach for all educators eager to implement "Making" in their classrooms or schools. It brings practical information and her experiences to ensure a successful outcome!"

(Lynne Schrum, PhD, Professor)

"′Making′ is a powerful way to engage students and observe their learning process with the product as evidence. Creating space for that to happen is ′making space′ for our 21st century learners."

(Jill Berkowicz, Author, Adjunct Professor, Consultant)

"The ideas for makerspaces that are presented in this proposal are easy to follow and could be implemented in some cases, with little prep. This is a bonus!"

(Susan E. Schipper, Elementary Educator)

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"Fleming provides a concise overview of the Maker Movement as a revolution taking place in learning today. This book makes a case for the importance of creating a culture of innovation and offers practical tips and strategies for those interested in creating their own makerspaces."

(Greg Toppo, USA Today National Education Writer, Author)

"Laura Fleming does an exquisite job of creating a guide for all schools to tap into students' innate desire to create, tinker, invent, and make to learn. Leveraging her experience as a practitioner she provides a compelling, yet simple recipe for any school or educator to transform any space into a makerspace on a shoestring budget. It is time to bring the fun back into learning!"

(Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow Rigor Relevance, Award-Winning Principal, Best-Selling Author)


"Laura's work at New Milford High School was a huge inspiration for me as I created my school's library Makerspace. Her book is a fantastic look at the process she went through in creating her space. She gives a thorough, well-researched look at the relevance of the Maker Movement in education, how it ties into education standards, and how it can enhance learning. She offers plenty of practical advice on the planning process of creating a Makerspace, how to build a Maker culture in your school, and offering your students opportunities to share their work. This is an excellent book and well worth purchasing for anyone interested in Makerspaces and education trends."

(Diana Rendina, Teacher Librarian, Writer and International Speaker)


"What a great resource for educators getting started in the Maker Movement! Fleming provides a clear vision for establishing a Makerspace in your school. She writes in an engaging style, making this an easy read. Her experience from the field is innovative and inspiring."

(Dr Jacie Maslyk, Assistant Superintendent, Author)


"More than ever before, schools are being called on to create cultures of innovation, moving from the industrial era one-size-fits-all, teacher-centric approach which remained prevalent in America’s schools for over a century, to learning that is personalized, relevant, and full of rigorous and authentic opportunities for all students. Fleming’s Worlds of Making provides invaluable insight into ways in which schools can encourage students to tinker, explore, create, and design. Whether you’re looking to create your first Makerspace, or looking to take learning to a deeper level, this book is a must read and an excellent tool for your future ready toolkit!"

(Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools)




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